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There are minor modifications done to the engine and it runs great with 400-450 hp. It has a custom stereo system with a built in sub and amp, with a touch screen dvd player. The leather has recently been redone and looks pristine. Modifications 1)Greddy side mount inter cooler 2)Greddy boost gauge 3) Runs 20-22lbs. boost 4)Eclipse in dash DVD touch screen with reverse camera 5)Sub-woofer- JL 12W3V3 with custom box 6)Amp.-
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Bugatti Veyron $1,700,000: This car is the most expensive and has the most powerful engine amongst the expensive cars in the world. It is the world's fastest street-legal production car with a top speed of over 400 km/h. Ferrari Enzo a second most expensive car is actually a 12-cylinder Ferrari super car. This excellent car was designed making use of the Formula One technology. Koenigsegg CCX $600,910: This hot car is a CCX model that is more suitable for the U.S market; so, the car has been designed complying with the US regulations. Porsche Carrera GT $484,000: Another car among the ten most expensive cars in the world. This supercar is powered by the all-new 5.7 litre V10 engine. Aston Martin Vanquish is cool looking car is the tenth most expensive car in the list of the top ten most expensive cars in the world.

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